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Dear Holly Poly writer

I am so sorry I didn’t get this posted before assignments went out. I intended to!

Things I love: Friends to lovers, fake boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse, most tropes that get people together like sex pollen and dubcons of that nature, canon, fix-it stories, sexytimes, respect, angst with resolution and happy endings, possessiveness, protectiveness, jealousy that ends well. I like Daddy kink, one partner being much more dominant than the other, spanking, mild bondage, soulmates, cuddling, forehead kisses, little gestures that make the blood boil. Caring friendship, UST, sex, all good! As long as people (mostly) love each other, they can do anything together and it makes me happy.

I prefer not to read major character death (canon deaths that are referenced are fine), betrayal, rape, most AUs, stories in first person (or second) or holiday stories.

Request 1:

Fandom: Teen Wolf (TV)

Characters: Stiles Stilinski, Derek Hale, Chris Argent, Allison Argent

Media Type: Fic

Request Details: Stiles/Derek/Chris I love the whole Sterek attraction dynamic, and I love the kinship that formed between Derek and Chris in 3b. I did not watch season 4, so a story that ignores that would be great. A first time between the three of them would be amazing, especially if it’s desperate, omg we’re still alive after all that horrible-whatever-supernatural-thing-just-happened, sex. I think Chris owes Stiles a lot (at least a lot of respect and consideration), so the dynamic between the three of them could really be something. Alternately, I love Allison (like an Allison/Derek hookup in the midst of a Stiles/Derek/Allison or a Derek/Allison/Chris would be great). I’m fine with incest, or a threesome where Chris and Allison don’t touch

Yeah, I’m a Sterek girl above and beyond the rest, but I am all for threesomes that involve one or both of the guys. And I think Lydia and Kira are both beautiful, but I just don’t feel the same kind of pull toward either of them that I did Allison. I think the tension between Derek and Allison is great, and while I don’t ship them, I think the two of them in a threesome with someone else, Chris or Stiles, has great potential. My preference is for Stiles/Derek/Chris, but if you’re a big Allison fan, one of the threesomes involving her is a-ok with me (she’s so gorgeous and strong, just love her).

Derek and Chris have this great blooming friendship (from 3B, which is the last I watched), and even though we barely got any interaction with Stiles and Derek in 3B, it’s obvious they’re friends on some level. Realized feelings, a little jealousy and angst, yes, as long as it ends with everyone happy and satisfied. Stiles noticing the friendship between Derek and Chris and getting a little jealous, realizing he wants to be closer to Derek (and we can limit this to friendship, romantic feelings, or full on sexytimes, and I’m happy). In a threesome with Allison, she could get a little protective or curious about what’s going on with her dad and Derek. Again, anything from friendship to full-on sex, happy camper will I be.

Request 2:

Fandom: Sleepy Hollow (TV)

Characters: Ichabod Crane, Abbie Mills, Jenny Mills, Katrina Crane

Media Type: Fic

Request Details: Ichabod/Abbie/Jenny I would enjoy anything from threesome comforting-cuddling between them to explicit sexytimes brought on by a spell that lowers their inhibitions or some kind of rip in time that makes everyone forget Katrina briefly, or whatever you choose. I have this hope that Ichabbie will become canon, but even if it doesn’t, I hang on every look he gives her. I think their chemistry is amazing, and Jenny adds a wonderful dynamic when the three of them are together. These people are just sexy and (I think) attracted to each other, so let’s push their faces together already. If you’re not for incest in fiction, then Abbie and Jenny don’t have to kiss or touch (but if you’re all right with incest, whoo boy, go there all you want!). If you’re a Katrina fan and would prefer Ichabod/Abbie/Katrina, I would enjoy that too , especially if Katrina is somehow instrumental in the threesome happening. The poor girl needs something to do besides be a damsel in distress, so her bringing it about would be pretty awesome. (I think she’s beautiful, I just think they’ve made her character less interesting than the rest.)

I’m catching this season in dribs and drabs so far, but I have to admit I’m still not impressed by Katrina as a character. If you can make her better and you want to write her, that’ll work. As she’s written on the show, I find her lacking, but there’s so much potential! Ichabod playing referee between her and Abbie (or between Abbie and Jenny) could be fun. And you can go from him keeping them from fighting to bringing them together in bed. If Katrina wants to use her witchy skills to make a threesome happen, that’s great, too.

I like Abbie/Ichabod/Jenny the best, though, whether or not Abbie and Jenny focus on Ichabod only or also each other. If you’re not feeling sexytimes, then the three of them working together to bring down Henry or any other Big Bad would be fantastic. Or Abbie and Jenny finally convinced Ichabod that his son is beyond his help and should never be trusted (or convincing him that Katrina is now lost to him, as I suspect that’s coming, or hints of it).

I love the idea of Moloch having a spell cast on Ichabod and the Mills sisters (or any combo) to distract them with sex while he’s trying to emerge again. Sort of a sex pollen, mating spell that keeps them focused on each other and not what’s going on around them.

Having seen some of this season, honestly, you’d have to fight to go wrong here, whether a threesome works together or get down in the sack. I could enjoy Abbie/Jenny/Katrina as well, and even Ichabod/Abbie/Hawley.

Request 3:

Fandom: Supernatural

Characters: Dean Winchester, Castiel, Sam Winchester, Crowley

Media Type: Fic

Request Details: I really, really like the idea of Demon!Dean/Castiel/Sam, and the idea of the three of them, with Dean pointing out the things that they’ve always wanted but never acted on (which of course he has no trouble acting on now). Alternately, I love the Dean/Crowley bromance and sad, pining Crowley, and canon sex-in-the-same room with each other and some girls. Since Crowley and Castiel have always had this sort of thing, and Castiel was missing Dean awfully badly, how far would he go to try to bring Dean back to the right side? Dean pinning his cooperation for something on Castiel joining in with them (or promising Sam he’d let him “help” him if Sam joined in with him and Crowley even) could be pretty amazing. Pretty much any combination as long as Dean’s in there, and you’re golden. (If you don’t like Demon!Dean, which I get, then I’m still game for any/all of them, whether it’s hurt comfort, explaining some things to innocent Cas, stress relief, blackmail on Crowley’s part, whatever.)

You can throw these guys together in any combination, from a monster-of-the-week to a feelings fest to porn, and I will enjoy reading it. Demon!Dean, pre-demon or post, I enjoy them all. Crowley could require something of Dean and Sam (or Dean and Cas) for his cooperation, anything from buddying around to sex. Castiel could need to provide healing sex to Dean and Sam.

Why in the hell can’t a way to cure a demon, or protect against possession, or restore optimal health, involve sex with an angel or a demon, anyway. It should, dang it. It should. :) Sam’s missing, Crowley’s the only one who can find him, but he wants Dean and Cas to perform for him (and/or with him). A spell has been put on Dean and Sam, and Castiel-sex is the only way to lift it. Any kind of trope or trick like that, and I’m there. I’d also be happy with a big healing puppy-pile that’s sex-free, but affectionate and full of love.

Three of these guy working together, as long as it’s clear they care about each other, will also be great. I know Dean and Sam are always threatening to kill Crowley, yet he lives. And he’s had ample opportunity to end them, but there they are. Give one or the others the opportunity to kill the other, and have them not go through with it. I know Crowley’s evil, but he has helped them at times, and he’s too much fun. And he wants to be loved, so having anyone show any kind of caring toward him does it for me.

Cas in jeopardy is also an idea I like, especially if Dean (and Sam) really thinks they’re going to lose him, but are able to pull it off at the last minute. Bonus points if at some point Dean gets some pie. A tree in my yard named after you if at some point someone feeds him a bite of it in an affectionate and/or sexy as hell moment.


Again, I’m sorry I didn’t have this up by assignments. If you’ve already written the story or started down a different direction than I’m asking for, don’t worry about it! I’m looking forward to reading about these characters no matter what they do. Thank you!

Dear Yuletide Writer

This letter may be far more information than you need or want. I'm enthusiastic, and I personally love a lot of info in my recipient's letter. Some is recycled from previous years, some is new. I've listed what my sign-up will likely be on the official form, and given extra prompts for those who want to write all the sex. I'm hoping a Yuleporn post will go up again this year, so that's referenced here, too. :)

General StuffCollapse )

Yuleporn!Collapse )

Touching EvilCollapse )

Sleepy HollowCollapse )

LegitCollapse )

House of CardsCollapse )

The BlacklistCollapse )

Hemlock GroveCollapse )

Thank you so much for writing something for me, whomever you are! I can't wait to read it, and hope you have a blast writing it!

Teen Wolf Reverse Bang Story

I already posted a link to my assigned story, but I took on a pinch hit.  The great art that inspired it is here at solarbaby614's dreamwidth journal. She wanted Stiles to becomes friends with Peter and Cora when nobody was paying attention, and was fine with Sterek being a bonus.

Based on her art and her request, I wrote Keeping Tabs (Derek/Stiles, Stiles & Peter & Cora) Rated T. 

Teen Wolf stop_drop_howl story

The point of stop_drop_howl is to write Teen Wolf sexytimes (or make art depicting it) in 24 hours based on a prompt you're given by the previous writer. I did this. Big fun. Mine's a Sterek story, but the pairing is up to each writer. Some really good stuff has been posted this round, and in previous rounds. If you like TW, check out the comm. My story was posted last night.

The Wind Howls Because it Can Derek/Stiles, Stiles is granted a gift he might not be able to control without Derek's help. Rated E for woo-hoo sexytimes. It was 6,400 words at the time of posting, but has inexplicably grown by about 400 words in slightly more careful editing today. I'm sure there are still errors at the moment. I ended up having very few of those 24 hours to write in. Fortunately, I do tend to write extremely fast, but can't revise or proofread worth a tinker's damn in a rush. 

Teen Wolf Reverse Bang story

I recently took part in my first Reverse Bang. It's actually my first Bang of any kind (hurr, hurr). The art I chose (and got lucky enough to nab first!) was so awesome and gave me so many ideas, the hardest part was choosing just one way to go.

Step Right Up, You'll Be Shocked and Amazed Rated M, Derek/Stiles, Isaac/Allison/Scott, Boyd/Erica, Peter, lots of Argents, and Papa Stilinski and Mama McCall make an appearance, just because I love them and had to get them in. :)

AU. Stiles convinces Scott to go see the circus that's in town, and they discover that nothing's quite what it seems under the Cirque d'Argent big top.

Writing an AU was another first for me. The only AUs I've written were cracktastic, silly ones, and then only a few. First Reverse Bang, first AU, and it ended up my longest fan story by a few thousand words. I adored writing from art. I'm definitely hooked on this. I'm also looking forward to signing up in time for some sort of Big Bang to see what an artist can come up with based on my story. Pretty sure I missed the Teen Wolf deadline, but next time!

The art that inspired the story is on the page with the story, but you can also see it HERE, where you can comment on it separately/like it, maybe reblog it if you're on Tumblr. It deserves all the likes!

Paperclip also made more art after she read the story I came up with, which flatters me all to pieces. Check out the awesome gif and image set HERE.
I participated in Fandom Stocking for the first time this year. It's a great way to stretch out the Yuletide challenge joy a little longer, because the reveal is in early January. You're also not limited to rare fandoms. My gifts are in my stocking, including recipes, recs, a lovely Originals wallpaper and wonderful ficlets in Sleepy Hollow, Fringe and Teen Wolf Fandoms. It was fun to open and see what was in there!

I managed to stuff something in five stockings, including a recommendation for documentaries. The other four fills were fiction.

A Little Therapy, Teen Wolf (Scott McCall/Isaac Lahey) Scott and Isaac are captured by hunters and thrown together in a space not quite big enough for two. Scott tries to help Isaac stay calm.

What Friends Do, Hemlock Grove (Roman Godfrey, Peter Rumancek) Peter has a problem, and Roman insists on lending a helping hand.

Bad Guys, American Gothic (Lucas Buck/Gail Emory) Lucas rescues Gail and insists on caring for her during her recovery.

A Fine Line Between Them, American Horror Story: Murder House (Constance Langdon, Tate Langdon). Tate talks to Dr. Harmon about his fantasies of violence and death. (This is a bit abusey and incesty. But if you've watched any American Horror Story, that shouldn't come as much of a surprise.)

Yuletide Reveal

Happy New Year to everybody!  With the new year, comes the end of Yuletide. :( I already posted about the great stories I got this Yuletide here. Check them out--they're awesome!

The author reveal was on the 1st, as usual. Here are links to the 5 stories I wrote, 1 assignment and 4 treats, just for fun. The assignment was Eastern Promises, a fandom I've written as a pinch hit and treats in 4 other Yuletides. The treats were Hemlock Grove, M*A*S*H, Lawrence of Arabia and The Internship, all fandoms I've never written in before. There's even gen and het in there. I know, right?  ;)

There is Old Saying (To Live with Wolves), Eastern Promises, Kirill/Nikolai Luzhin: My recipient's philosophy about the characters and their relationship lines up perfectly with mine, so this was so satisfying to write. We both want Nikolai to actually care for Kirill beyond what he needs to do his job, and we want Kirill to trust Nikolai. The sexual tension between them is canon, as far as I'm concerned, especially from Kirill's side. I've offered Eastern Promises every year, but this is the first time it was my assigned story. Rated M, slash but nothing explicit.

What is Written, Lawrence of Arabia, Ali ibn el Kharish/T. E. Lawrence: She sees Ali and Lawrence as two men who love each other. So do I. I'd always requested LoA and gotten some great stories, but had been too intimidated to write it. Tried my hand this year, and I'm glad I did. So satisfying! Rated T, slash but nothing explicit.

The Art of Bluffing, M*A*S*H, Margaret Houlihan & Hawkeye Pierce: She wanted a story about the friendship between Margaret and Hawkeye. Those are my two favorite characters, and I always adored their friendship and how they had so many private moments that no one else got to share. Rated T, gen.

Mothers Making Sons, Hemlock Grove, Roman Godfrey/Peter Rumancek: Hemlock Grove is a Netflix Original horror series I watched over a couple of days when it came out back in April. What's good is excellent. What's bad is awful. It's kind of a train wreck of a show that's somehow compelling enough anyway that I'm looking forward to season 2. It's compelling at least in part because of the erotic subtext that's not-so-subtle (more captions than subtext) between the two male leads. Rated E, slash, explicit.

A Picture's Worth More Than 160 Characters, The Internship, Stuart Twombly/Neha Patel: This is a light little getting-together romantic story I couldn't resist writing after watching The Internship, which I watched only because Dylan O'Brien played Stuart. It leaves you with the idea that something might happen between Stuart and Neha, both cutie patooties, so I picked up from there. It was also fun to treat a first-time Yuletider with an extra story! Rated T, het.

And now my Scrooge Yuletide icon is retired for another year. 


My gifts thrilled me, and I have to gush about them a bit.

A Thousand Reasons to Leave--Watchmen (film)

Whatever happens, Dan is apparently stuck with Rorschach.

My Mystery Author and I see Rorschach the same way, and apparently had the same disappointment at his demise. MA not only filled in some Rorschach & Dan backstory, but fixed the ending of the film in probably the only way it would be possible. And both characters sound like themselves, in the way I've come to love them. THIS IS AWESOME.

I asked for their friendship in any context, and I got gold. The note was so lovely and nice (I read it first), and then the story was just what I wanted, and I couldn't have been happier with everything.

In the Heat of the Moment--Fantasy Island (1970's series)

Roarke makes a deal with the Devil.

This request came directly out of my long-term love for Ricardo Montalban after growing up on Fantasy Island. If you don't think he was sexy, you're wrong! And remember Roddy McDowall who played the Devil a couple of different times? Yeah, love him, too. I left gen prompts and porn prompts on all my requests this year, because some people want to write porn for Yuletide, some don't, and I got Fantasy Island porn as my treat.

There's mysterious, sexy Roarke, the Devil, and a D/s scene that leads one to believe it's happened many times before and will many times again.

If you know either or both of these fandoms, please go read them and leave a comment if you enjoy the story(ies). These authors and stories deserve much love and attention. :D

To anyone still reading their flist

Just wanted to say to anyone who still actually reads their LJ friends list (so very few anymore), I hope you have lovely holidays.

Teen Wolf Holidays exchange story

I posted already about my awesome gift story in the Teen Wolf Holidays exchange, but it's here if you missed it!

The author reveal was today, so now I can post about the story I wrote for the exchange. It's a Sterek story (Stiles/Derek) with some minor Danny/Matt in there. I enjoyed writing it, because I love Stiles' and Derek's dynamic, I love Scott's and Stiles' friendship, and it was fun to try Danny and Matt. :)  It's rated E for some fairly mild (imo) sexytimes.

This You and Me Thing

It's the first Teen Wolf story I have up, though I have one about twice as long that'll go up in January as part of the Teen Wolf Reverse Bang (oh my god, so much fun). I also have a couple in progress that I'm writing just for fun. It's really fun to be writing in a huge, active fandom, instead of years later in a fairly small one, as is my usual MO. :)